Frequently Asked Questions

May I choose another another domain name, different from

Of course, there is a large range of domain names, here are some examples:,,,,, and so on.

May I exchange instant messages with the other users on a forum?

Yes, there is the possibility to install a chatbox. ChatBox is to some extent, a software of instant communication (Msn Messenger) integrated into your forum. The ChatBox present on your forum, uses AJAX "technologies" (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML).

May I change and delete the current regulation of the forum?

No, the regulation includes the basic rules to be respected and everybody must abide by them as Forumotion is a serious site which will not tolerate misbehavior or illegal content. But you can add your own rules to the ones already existing.

Can I add music or a video on my forum?

Yes, if the author authorized you to do it. If not then No! Because to put on your forum a music or a video with copyrights and without authorization of the author exposes you to continuations and the possible removal of your forum in the event of complaint... This rule also applies to the extracts of emissions TV, concerts, etc.

Is there censorship on the forum?

Yes but in the context of your forums, of course this doesn't mean a limitation of the freedom of expression. The censorship is simply used to prevent the use of certain words or nicknames considered as vulgar, offensive, pornographic, etc. Briefly, the censorship is a complement. which can help you to respect the's Terms of services, as you are responsible of your board's content.

May I put images or text on my forum?

When you wish to put on your forum an image or a text you haven't created yourself, you ask the author for permission and if it gives it to you, quote your sources, for example by putting a link to the site or forum where it comes from. So you may, as long as you respect the rules.