How did I create a forum free of charges?

I wanted to create a forum free of charges and at the beginning it revealed itself hard, especially as I was not really comfortable with php language, or even with Internet.

In addition, I didn't have a lot of time to consecrate to the creation, and it became annoying. So the easiest way for me to create a forum free of charges was to choose a free forum hosting: it took less than 2 minutes, and I was ready to manage my forum in no time! That was the beginning of a large community!

Which free forum hosting should I use?

forum free of charges Many free forums can be found on the web, and choosing the best one can be a real pain! Fortunately I made the job for you, and the best I could found was Forumotion, a free forum hosting with many unique functionalities, no ads, unlimited bandwidth, and even the possibility to earn your own domain name! It was a satisfaction for me to create a forum free of charges on Forumotion. And whenever I had any kind of issue, the support forum helped me out, with a very friendly and efficient staff that will guide anybody straight to success! It was really a great surprise for me discover it, why should we bother paying when the best solution is free and already tried out by someone who can testify.

How to create a free forum

The fastest way to create a forum free of charges and build up quickly a community was take advantage of free forum hosting. Advantages? A forum build up in a few minutes, all technical issues managed by the host, no particular technical knowledge needed, a large array of customization features that one couldn't benefit from otherwise... all for free ! I'm done with the trouble of paying a host, create your forum free of charges!

Finished the nuisance of paying a host, create your forum free of charges!

Where to create a forum free of charges?

After checking many free forums, I decided finally to create my forum free of charges on Forumotion, the best choice in my opinion. Forumotion is the place to be right now on the web

Here's a list of features one can have there:

And many more features to come as Forumotion is developing every day offering all the time new options. Thus, all users are satisfied as this forum creation site responds to every single need and desire of each of you. So communicate in style, be fashionable, and create a forum on Forumotion!

I'll let you discover by yourself all the other features, many surprises are awaiting you !

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